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EMDR Therapy

"You can outdistance that which is running after you, but you cannot outdistance that which is running inside you." 

Rwandan Proverb


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an integrated approach to trauma recovery for people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). EMDR is particularly useful for those suffering from single-episode traumas (like an accident or assault) as well as longer exposure to recurring traumas (such as stressful relationships). Research has shown that EMDR is also successful in treating anxiety and panic attacks, disturbing nightmares or memories and other forms of PTSD. 


Memories of traumatic experiences may haunt you in the form of flashbacks or hallucinations. You may go out of your way to avoid situations that remind you of the original event, becoming hyper-vigilant, irritable, or have violent outbursts. Using EMDR, we will work with stubborn memories and stressors to transform them into adaptive and healthy patterns of resolution.


After a traumatic event, trauma becomes locked in our bodies. Our muscles tense and fill with adrenaline. Physical and emotional signs of stress begin to creep into our daily lives and hijack our everyday experiences. While physical signs of trauma are often obvious, emotional signs are more difficult to recognize. 


Physical signs of stress that can benefit from EMDR include:

  • Rapid heartbeat

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Stomach discomfort

  • Cold or clammy skin

  • Sweating

  • Racing thoughts

Emotional signs of stress that can benefit from EMDR include:

  • Unfounded fear

  • Increased tension

  • Confusion

  • Anger

  • Hyper-vigilance

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

Through EMDR, you will learn to identify the trauma in your body so you can release it. You will learn coping strategies to help you feel more resilient and calmer in the face of situations that trigger traumatic memories. I will help you process your feelings and learn to cope in healthier ways.

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