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"As the Crickets' soft autumn hum is to us, so are we to the trees, as are they

to the rocks and the hills"

- Gary Snyder

Ecotherapy offers clients an experience in nature with their therapist. Together we will sit, walk, and begin to notice our natural surroundings. We will breathe together and notice how breath brings calmness to the mind and body. Nature has tremendous healing powers, and being in nature helps to release energy that is pent up and can create toxins in our bodies. 


When you suffer from depression, anxiety or other psychological disorders your body has a way of reflecting how you feel inside. Depression causes the body to constrict and tighten.

Experiencing nature can help you learn to breathe again with ease and comfort. Taking the very elements from nature into your day can transform the way you feel.


Ecotherapy touches people in very different ways. Mostly, nature relaxes people, but it can also inspire and excite. Being in nature can lead to experiences of awe that can, in turn, lead to a shift in consciousness. 


Together we will explore how you feel in nature and how those feelings can support you through difficult times. As you witness the beauty of nature, you will learn to settle inside, listen to your own feelings and become calmer. 

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